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Calista End

Do you like having a big space for your garden? If yes, then the Calista End Unit is for you. What’s unique about this property is that it stands in the corner, which means it has a bigger lot area compared to the inner units.

Calista Mid

In the middle of the townhouse cluster stands the Calista Mid. This unit has a slightly smaller lot area compared to the Calista End, but it still features a small garden space for you to enjoy.

Calista Pair

Who knew you could get TWO houses in ONE? Our Calista Pair Unit gives you the option to combine two adjacent units to form one BIG unit! You may choose to combine two Calista Mid Units or one Calista Mid Unit & one Calista End Unit. This house is perfect for growing families.


If you want  a home separate from others then get our Unna model. Unlike the Calista units, the Unna is a single-attached model which means it stands on its own and only shares a single firewall with the neighboring house.


This house model is the perfect home for those who want one big open space. A one-storey house, the Brenna is PHirst’s bungalow model exclusive to selected PHirst Park Homes projects.

Note: All PHirst house models have a provision for expansion.

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