Here’s a simple guide to make your PHirst buying experience easy and CONVENIENT.
  • 1. Reservation

    On Days 1-30 the buyer completes Reservation and Booking documents and starts downpayment. PHirst conducts pre-qualification.

    On Months 2-5, PHirst assist in home loan application to financial institution.

    (Submits Buyer’s Booking Docs on behalf of buyer for financial assessment)

  • 2. Booking

    On Month 6, the buyer signs letter of guarantee issued by financial institution and reaches 5% downpayment.

    On Month 7, PHirst starts house construction.

  • 3. House Completion

    On Month 12, the buyer reaches full downpayment.

  • 4. Loan Takeout

    On Month 14 the buyer starts home loan amortization to financial institution.

    On Month 13 PHirst takes out home loan on.


  • 5. House Turnover

    On Month 15-17, the buyer inspects house and signs acceptance documents. Phirst sends notice of turnover.

Owning a home is CONVENIENT with PHirst Park Homes.

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